Modular Construction


Pod Office Solutions works with Irish, UK and German suppliers to produce high-tech, architecturally designed  flexible, progressive, innovative modular MEDICAL CARE solutions

We offer modular solutions that are up to 80% faster in meeting delivery time schedules  than standard buildings and Pod Office Solutions are guaranteed to last a lifetime

  • Every step is planned along with clients needs at the forefront. We assure clients that each project is bespoke that  will match your commercial vision fully. Buildings , office space, operating theatres, clinical space are all completed both off and on-site with full planning flexibility, with zero operational hazards. Noise and dust is kept to an absolute minimum so that the healthcare facility can continue to operate fully.

  • Modular construction means that units are built off site to clear plans and can be integrated to any specification. Installation is guaranteed on time and on budget!

  • Installation of acute clinical space furnishings, medical equipment and machinery can be built into the prefabricated design and installed into the units on-site.

  • Transport is project managed by our extensive team at Pod Office Solutions in line with the HSE/Health board requirements

  • Build time is short, precise and clean. Up to 95% of the construction can take place prior to arriving at the medical facility.

  • Once an order is made, the process takes only a few months for a new medical office space, clinical areas or fully functional operating theatres. Pod Office Solutions offers its continued support to the client with our management on-going support facility once the build has been completed.

  • Contact our project management team for our full list of recently constructed projects and case studies, be prepared to be wowed!

  • Steel used in modular construction is a sustainable material which is fully recyclable

  • Fully portable units and off-site builds mean no underground construction

  • Lead and installation times are in months not years!

  • Clean, efficient, quick , quiet assembly

  • Fully compliant with EU energy efficiency ratings and HBN UK/Irish compliance standards recognised by NHS and HSE.

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