Our pricing really depends on size and specification. We have three models: 

(1) PO Model 

Pod Office Model these start at 8*ft by 8ft going up to 8 ft by 20ft. Pricing ranges from €15,000+.


  • Professional quality cube garden office without the frills.

  • Truly zero maintenance exterior with 25 yr guarantee 

(2) R1 Model

The UK and Ireland's biggest selling garden room with all the bells and whistle options.


  • Truly zero maintenance exterior with 25 year guarantee. 

  • Sizing starts at 6*6 ft going up to 12ft x 33ft.

  • Pricing starts at €18,000 up to about €50,000. 

(3) R2 Model

Luxury spec same as R1 model but for larger depth studios up to 15ft (4.5m) and over 30sqm.


  • Truly zero maintenance exterior with 25 yr guarantee.  

  • These pods are luxuriously fitted out and high spec, pricing starts at €45,000+ 


Extras include:  
Security and monitoring provided by 24-7 Security 
Home office equipment provided by eureika

Landscaping around the Pod provided by professional landscaping team and Interior design consultations available upon request.




PO model
PO Model
R1 model
R1 Model
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Irish owned solutions company who wish to provide secure, remote, ergonomic durable workspace for all employees at home or near their office space.


Endless Solutions include remote worker office space, canteens, gyms, accommodation, project rooms, studios and team-building hubs.